if they face up to it, and are trying to change

We think that no one should be defined by their past,

to change young lives

We believe in the power of education

to make us all safer

to challenge what isn't working,

We will never give up trying,

What is The Campus?

The Campus is a pioneering project that aims to stop young people committing crime by engaging them in education and giving them a route into a crime-free life. It is a new type of school for 14-18 year olds who have already got into trouble with the law and who don’t have a settled place in education or training. Rather than send them to prison, which often makes things worse, it will be a place where these young people are helped and challenged to turn their lives around.

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of young people leaving custody commit further crime within a year

If we want to stop young people re-offending, we are going to have to try something different.

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Why do we need The Campus?

I know that when I sentence them to prison, that first time; it probably means the start of a life of crime. But there’s nowhere else to safely send them.

Prison takes young criminals off the streets for a short time, but, whilst in prison, not enough is done to help them to change their behaviour. So, when they come out, they often go on to commit more crime. People who work in the Criminal Justice System know that the current system doesn’t work. The problem is that there is often not anywhere else to send these young people. That’s where The Campus comes in.