Campus Educational Trust

Review of the Youth Justice System

An interim report of emerging findings

Charlie Taylor

Ministry of Justice

9 February 2016


This report includes the following statement

  1. In addition, the Ministry of Justice is working with the Department for Education to support The Campus Educational Trust as they develop plans for The Campus free school. The Campus would be a completely new type of school for young offenders, and aims to reduce youth re-offending through education.

The Campus Educational Trust welcomes the focus in the Charlie Taylor Review of Youth Justice published today on educational provision as a way to reduce offending and reoffending by some of the most vulnerable and high risk young people.

The key elements of the design of the Campus are:

  • A Free School providing an enhanced curriculum through an educational day until 19:00, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. The school will be for up to 50 young people in the areas served by a specific youth court.
  • An enhanced curriculum for young people working at Key Stage (KS) 3 and 4, aged 11-19 years and convicted by a Court or on release from the secure estate.
  • Mustering the range of specialist provision needed for young offenders – supported accommodation, health including mental health and personal support on transition.
  • To offer the sentencing Court, secure estate and YOTs community provision, and with that further robustness to bail conditions, community sentences and resettlement. It will not be a custodial setting.
  • Meeting the needs of young people, initially within the Youth Justice System, not in education, employment or training (NEET) or with a history of absenteeism and/or permanent exclusions.
  • Working in partnership with Youth Offending Service, referring and supervising young people on orders of court.
  • Providing an opportunity for young people within the Youth Justice System to remain in attendance at The Campus beyond their Order, to achieve personal and educational outcomes.
  • Providing an educational pathway out of offending and to assist in reducing re-offending.

The Campus Free school was approved by the Department for Education in March 2015 after two years of planning. The Ministry of Justice, YJB, Local Authorities and Courts have been fully involved in working out how this new model will work and we anticipate the first Campus will open in 2017.

The Campus Educational Trust plans to open four Campus Free Schools in the life of this parliament in those areas of the country with some of the highest rates of youth reoffending and/or use of custody.

We also welcome the Prime Ministers announcement (8 Feb 2016) that governors of Young Offenders Institutions will be given the same freedoms as the Head Teachers of Free Schools. This will enable the Campus to work in partnership with YOIs on this most innovative of developments.

Our joint partnership work to support and challenge some of the highest risk young people will give them better life chances and minimise the harm they cause to themselves, families and communities.

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Andrew Morley

Chair of the Campus Educational Trust

Graham Robb

Chair of Trustees

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