The Campus Educational Trust (CET) welcomes the Government’s commitment to place education at the heart of the Youth Justice System and is grateful to Charlie Taylor for engaging the Trust as part of his review.

The CET has long made the case that education can be transformational for some young people in helping them break with their offending behavior and provide the opportunities to improve their life chances.

We will follow the development of the Secure Schools with interest and whilst recognizing the challenges stand by to support this by sharing the experience we have gained in developing the Campus Model.

Andrew Morley, Chair of the Campus Educational Trust commenting on the Secure Schools proposal said:

‘We welcome the focus on education but any education provision in custody, including the proposed Secure Schools, has to be seen in the context of the young person’s educational career.

Continuity of provision and effective handover to and from custodial educators will be essential in supporting and maintaining any progress made whilst in custody.

The Campus could play a key role in providing this continuity by providing step down provision for young people coming out of Secure Schools.’

The developing consensus around the importance of education in youth justice provides a real opportunity to make progress in reducing the high rates of youth reoffending.

The CET looks forward to working with local and national partners in bringing about a vision of better life chances for those young people in contact with the justice system who do not have settled education or training placements.

This will not only make our communities safer but also provide opportunities for young people who in many cases have been left behind in educational and well-being measures.



Andrew Morley, Chair of CET –

Graham Robb, Executive Director of CET –

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